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American Small Business Alliance is teaming up with Managed Nodes to provide IT service. Through our partnership with Managed Nodes, your Business can now implement safe and secure information distribution, while also streamlining your business processes and giving your clients and businesses our best possible service. To learn more about Managed Nodes please go to their website.


Colocate your business critical equipment in one of Managed Nodes’ secure, state-of-the-art carrier-neutral data centers that connect directly to our Tier 1, Global IP network. From extensive power back up systems to complete fire detection and suppression plans, each facility was constructed to ensure the safety and security of your equipment.


With the advances in virtualization technology of the past few years, the number of choices customers have to develop virtualized solutions may seem daunting. Two forms of virtualization are most common in today’s datacenter. Each solution has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. In addition, customers can choose if they wish to have dedicated virtualized environments or a shared virtualization platform.

Container-based Servers

Containers allow a single host operating system to create isolated containers where customers may run their applications. These are typically referred to by the hosting industry as Virtual Private Servers (VPS).

Hypervisor-based Servers

Hypervisors allow full versions of an operating system to be run on the same hardware platform. Modern hypervisors take advantage of hardware assistance provided by the latest generation of Intel and AMD CPU’s. These operating systems have drivers installed to allow efficient sharing of resources.


With the emergence of smartphones, mobile users and the ever-increasing use of the internet, security is a major concern for businesses no matter what size. Risks to businesses include data breach, service disruption as well as identity fraud which all lead to significant financial losses, productivity decline, and brand damage. The security of your IT infrastructure is a top priority and our team can assess, design and deliver security services to secure your most valuable information and electronic assets.


If you still do not have a call center and wish to implement one in your company, Managed Nodes helps you with the implementation and startup of your center, providing the necessary infrastructure and the respective training to operate it successfully and with the timing required since our experience in the assembly of remote call centers allows us to respond rapidly to your requirements.


Hosted VoIP, also referred to as managed telephony, offers many options and advantages to help your organization avoid costly capital expenditures and the complexities associated with deploying a VoIP phone system without compromising the carrier-grade reliability your company requires.

Managed Nodes is a Hosted VoIP service provider that lets your company rent equipment; a solution with considerable cost savings. The equipment is maintained by Managed Nodes, so you don’t have to worry about upkeep or maintenance. As technologies change, VoIP telephones can be upgraded so you get the latest and best technology, all of the time and without a large investment.


Other Features:

  • Redundancy
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Mobility
  • Mulitple location Integration
  • Advanced Features
  • Security
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